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This is the kick off of a new website for my organizational design consulting firm, Leadwell Pacific.

Executive Coaching Gives You Energy

Life comes at you hard and fast. Solid leadership takes energy and vitality.

Life Coaching to Overcome Limitations

Every successful organization started with a solid foundation of vision and mission.  They built upon the foundation pillars of service to meet the goals of that vision and mission.  They envisioned a strategic plan to put skin, siding and structure to the organization and they filled the building with people that had a personal mission and calling to fulfill the vision and mission of the organization.

That is a great way to start and found an organization.  Organizations that work to leave a legacy of success are consistently assessing their foundation and doing minor on-going repairs.  Organizational design helps organizations lay the foundation and system renewal consulting is the handyman that helps the organization with their on-going repairs.  If your leadership is frustrated with programing that isn’t meeting your mission it might be time for Leadwell to give you a consultation.

Specific Services:

  • Board education
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business flow and process analysis
  • Organization offsite group facilitation
Executive Coaching for your Leadership Team
Leadwell Pacific is your source for creative, and inspiring executive coaching and leadership development.  Contact us at or 253.778.6708

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Scott Willard offers decades of experience to ensure that you receive the most effective, and creative coaching to take your ministry, company, or organization to the next level.

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