Executive Coaching Gives You Energy

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Executive Coaching Gives You Energy

Life comes at you hard and fast. Solid leadership takes energy and vitality.

Life Coaching to Overcome Limitations

Life doesn’t hit me gently.  I tend to be the spokesman for trouble comes in threes, fours or more.  So I was surprised that energy was the focus when I started seeing my executive coach.  In my mind, expected that we would spend most of our time on my business and get right to building accountability structures to support my growth.  Instead, we began by reviewing my DISC assessment.  My personal DISC assessment showed a huge gap between my natural giftedness and how my personality and behaviors should be directed versus what I was doing in my current role.

Why did it matter that I was built for one thing and doing another?  Energy!  I was expending a lot of mental, emotional and physical energy working to do my job, while I was built for something else.  Simply put, I am highly creative and enjoy building systems, where my position was one of detail and analysis.  I’m more of an introvert then extrovert, but was working in a highly extroverted political position.  I was all bent out of shape.  

The end result was that I was always “on,” mentally.  I was at work non-stop…in my head.  I wouldn’t get home at night until around 6:30-7pm, and even then I wasn’t really home.  When I was home, I would stick my head into a  book or TV and isolate myself, completely insular.

You can imagine how this impacted my life and those that cared for me.  I was emotionally drained, socially alone and beginning a battle with cancer.  It was the cancer that woke me up.  I was young for my particular disease.  With the help of my faith, family and executive coach, I’m living life to the fullest.  I’m working to thrive so that I can do the work I was created to do.  Six years later I am thriving and looking forward to life.  Let’s get to work.

Simple tips for balancing energy:

  1. Sleep 7-8 hours a night
  2. Exercise and eat right- 5 or more servings of vegetables and fruit per day
  3. Engage your spiritual side with morning mediation or daily devotions and prayer
  4. Review your work and look to delegate your weak points- don’t try to work harder, work smarter
  5. Review your daily work routine and systematically unplug during the last scheduled work hour of your day
  6. Take a walk or grab an espresso before you head home
  7. Once you get home, turn your cell phone off- OK, thats just crazy so just respond to family or friends 

Now is a great time to focus on yourself, so that you can be there for others.  Start your new life with intention and coaching today.  scott@leadwellpacific.com 

Executive Coaching for your Leadership Team

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