Executive and Leadership consulting that elevates your faith to bridge your personal and professional life

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I have been so busy trying to connect the dots for people about executive coaching and organizational development. I do organizational development work that often times leads to executive coaching in order to move the team forward and avoid slippage. Sometimes I start with executive coaching and org development work comes out of it. In truth, I am much more interested in helping individuals and their organizations to find congruence. Congruence: Agreement or harmony- compatibility, consistency, conformity, match, balance, consonance, rapport, parallelism Confluence: Act of moving forward toward agreement or uniformity Consonance: Agreement between opinion or actions Our natural tendency is to compartmentalize all of the aspects of our lives- home, work, friends, hobbies, church. If we polled 3-5 random people from the circle of each of those aspects and asked them to describe you, what would they say? Most likely you would learn some pretty interesting things about you. Why? Because, when you compartmentalize areas of your life, you create a different persona for each group. It takes a lot of energy to show up for all of the different circles that you live in. Ever feel like a chameleon? Well, that is why. You are a different person for each group. There is a common thread to each of these circles- you. You are making a choice to compartmentalize. You are making a choice to show up differently in each aspect of your life. What if you could just get real? When you seek after congruence in your body, mind, emotions, heart and spirit a startling thing happens. A sense of harmony. This harmony in your inner space will give you a huge sense of freedom. It can be frightening to be you- all you and nothing else. You may not feel like you are smart enough, sexy enough, attractive enough, spiritual enough, healthy enough, friendly enough. Enough! You are perfect just the way you are. You may have fears that if people knew you, that they might not like you, accept you, even love you. That ma be you are unloveable as you are. The truth of the matter is that we all share these common concerns of “enough-ness” and fears about acceptance and love. If we all practiced authenticity and lived a congruent lifestyle, what we would find is a common humanness and deep desire for love and community. Today we don’t really believe that we need anyone else, because our story is that we can do it all. In truth, we have significant needs that can only be filled as we live and work in community. Leadwell Pacific Works with CEO’s, business owners and everyday people that hold their faith as a core value. I focus on building congruence. Believing that congruent leaders integrate the professional, personal and spiritual aspects of their lives. Bringing it all forward and really showing up. Talk about authentic! This creates flow, energy, passion, and power to impact and influence their success.
What we can offer you

Ministry Design and Consultation

Leadwell Pacific is dedicated to assisting pastors and their churches in fulfilling the vision and purpose.

Blogging and Public Speaking on the Power of Leadership Coaching

We blog and speak to churches, civic groups and leadership events about the power of Leadership Coaching as a model for organizational and personal growth.

Organizational Design and System Renewal Consulting

Organization Design consultation guides your organization in setting a solid foundation for success and sustainability. System Renewal assists organizations in re-vitalizing their mission.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Leadership doesn’t just happen. Leadership coaching prepares emerging leaders for hard work ahead and provides support and guidance to veteran leaders that are struggling.

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This is the kick off of a new website for my organizational design consulting firm, Leadwell Pacific.

Executive Coaching Gives You Energy

Life comes at you hard and fast. Solid leadership takes energy and vitality.

Life Coaching to Overcome Limitations

Who I am

Scott Willard

Founder and Executive Coach

Leadwell Pacific is the consulting and leadership coaching practice envisioned by Scott Willard.  Scott studied positive psychology, systems theory and leadership as a part of his M.A. in Organizational Design and System Renewal at Seattle University. He uses life coaching skills from whole person design as the foundation for guiding and developing congruent leaders.

Scott believes that congruent leaders are those that integrate the professional, personal and spiritual aspects of their lives.  Creating flow, energy and power to impact and influence their success.  The congruent leader defines success as lives transformed.  Giving new meaning to terms like emotional intelligence, return on investment and return on relationship.  Can you imagine the lives and world around you transformed?  You have that power- just change you!

Scott Willard of Leadwell Pacific– I am an executive coach and organizational development advisor.  My speciality is working with people that have a desire to create congruence in their professional, personal and spiritual lives.  People that believe that true success comes only when we truly show up.

My wife, Holly and I live here in Tacoma, up in the Hilltop community.  We have only been here a couple of years, but can’t imagine living anywhere else.  This is home.  I have two grown sons and three grandchildren.  Together we have four fur kids- 2 dogs and 2 cats.

In addition to Leadwell Pacific I am the co-host of The Gathering Place Meetup Group and the Tacoma Congruent Leadership Meetup Group.

I am excited about my new podcast, Congruence:  Where faith and business come together.  

Executive and leadership coaching that elevates your faith to bridge your personal and professional life.

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Executive Coaching for your Leadership Team

Leadwell Pacific is your source for creative, and inspiring executive coaching and leadership development.  Contact us at Scott@leadwellpacific.com or 253.778.6708

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Scott Willard offers decades of experience to ensure that you receive the most effective, and creative coaching to take your ministry, company, or organization to the next level.

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