Ministry Design and Consultation

Leadwell Pacific is dedicated to supporting churches and their congregations and pastors.  Many churches want and need guidance to design ministries that will be relevant for their local communities.  Leadwell will help to assess the motivation level of the congregation, vision and their resources.  The assessment starts internally and then goes outside to evaluate the community and people groups and social determinants that effect the nearby neighborhoods.  Then Leadwell staff research evidence based and curriculum based ministry tools that might fit the community and congregations needs.

Leadwell is driven by Scott Willard.  Scott grew up in the church and has a long career of pastoral ministry.  Scott’s heart goes out to pastors that started strong and then struggle from burnout.  Coaching for pastors is personal and focused on renewal.  If you need a new infusion of passion and renewed vision for following your calling, reach out  for a consultation.

Leadwell Pacific is your source for creative, and inspiring executive coaching.

Scott Willard offers decades of experience to ensure that you receive the most effective, and creative coaching to take your ministry, company, or organization to the next level.