Organizational Design and System Renewal Consulting

Every successful organization started with a solid foundation of vision and mission.  They built upon the foundation pillars of service to meet the goals of that vision and mission.  They envisioned a strategic plan to put skin, siding and structure to the organization and they filled the building with people that had a personal mission and calling to fulfill the vision and mission of the organization.

That is a great way to start and found an organization.  Organizations that work to leave a legacy of success are consistently assessing their foundation and doing minor on-going repairs.  Organizational design helps organizations lay the foundation and system renewal consulting is the handyman that helps the organization with their on-going repairs.  If your leadership is frustrated with programing that isn’t meeting your mission it might be time for Leadwell to give you a consultation.

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Scott Willard offers decades of experience to ensure that you receive the most effective, and creative coaching to take your ministry, company, or organization to the next level.